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How you can donate and help OUR ministry

ways you can donate:


We had a client by the name Vidal referred to us in November of 2016 who was incarcerated for a crime that’s consider high on the list and makes it hard to get a job, He came through the Hope Center once he got out. The Hope Center helped him with his resume, along with sending him to a job placement appointment with a local temp agency. This client went to his appointment and made good impression and was placed at a job site where he continued to work for a couple months. He’s now hired full time with the company and has his own office and head of shipping department, all cause he had a positive outlook on life and followed through with the leads Hope Center gave him. Vidal just recently contacted us and informed us he’s doing very good and still working with the company and loving it, Since last time we talked to him he has moved out on his own. 


Clients who came through Hope Center door for one on one help:  361 during2016 (not including those in classes)

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