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Our mission is to provide HOPE through education. By offering education, job training and life skills we believe that lives will be changed for the better. When we invest into individuals we are investing into families, neighborhoods and communities. When confidence is gained through education a person reveals the gifts that are within. Every person has something to offer. The Mahoning Valley Hope Center is a place that is willing to make these investments one person at a time.

Our goal is to create a platform of programs that will be as diverse as our target market.  Together we can bring HOPE to the Mahoning Valley!

Jobs for Life

Jobs for Life utilizes techniques for job readiness. The participants are engaged in an intensive curriculum to develop a respectful work ethic, effective communication skills, work readiness skills, attendance and dress code requirements of the workplace, understanding of employer expectations, and a grasp of personal satisfaction and pride in oneself for a job well done. This program targets individuals re-entering society from prison and returning veterans.

Anger Management Course

Anger Management Course uses a curriculum called "What's Good About Anger?". The class takes place in a group setting and it explores the emotion of anger and how it is a force God can use for His purpose.

Stephanie’s Mobile
Dental Service 

Stephanie’s Mobile Dental Service provides free dental services to all who qualify. It is sponsored by St. Elizabeth Health Center.

Crisis Intervention
& Referral Center

Crisis Intervention & Referral Center provides programs and services to help impact the lives of people right here in our community. For all who are lost to alcohol, drugs, violence, abuse, or thoughts of suicide.


re:Entry works with the State of Ohio to accommodate the formerly incarcerated who desire to re-enter society in a positive way.  

Ohio Benefits Bank

The HOPE Center | Ohio Benefits Bank has established a permanent office on site to provide information and referrals to those in need of benefits and resources such as utilities bill relief, tax preparation and information on locations of food banks and other government programs to provide nutritional support for families. This is the only office located in Trumbull County currently offering these kinds of referrals and information resources.

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