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Stephanie's Mobile Dental Service

Stephanie's Mobile Dental Service provides free dental services to all who qualify. It is sponsored by St. Elizabeth Health Center. Please call The Mahoning Valley Hope Center to make an appointment. 330-369-3010.


You must schedule your appointment in advance. 

Location: The Mahoning Valley Hope Center 

Isabella's Closet
Clothe A Bella 

Isabella's Closet Mission Statement

"From My Closet To Yours...

Then from your Closet To Theirs!"

Isabella's closet sole purpose is to help Families

with baby items that they aren't able to get their babies on their own. Everything is donated to the center by someone who once used the item and just wanted to pay it forward. No money is involved, the only thing we ask is, if we help you, remember to pay it forward when you are finished with the items by returning them to the center or passing them on to someone who needs helped. 

Location: The Mahoning Valley Hope Center

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